Are you short on time? Would you like us to pick out an assortment for you?

You will receive the most popular assortment of sentiment wordings.

Words that encourage us...jewelry that gives back hope.

We design our jewelry to bless others in a personal way, and in return we are being a blessing to those in need by donating a portion of the proceeds from our jewelry sales not only to an orphanage in Haiti, but also to local organizations who strive to bring hope to their communities.

All of our bracelets are made to fit most wrists.

*Due to availability, each bracelet might have a slight variation in bead color, design, and (or) silver/gold accent pieces.


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*Sentiment Bracelet Package #1 - 30 Bracelets
*Sentiment Bracelet Package #2 - 50 Bracelets
*Sentiment Bracelet Package #3 - 100 Bracelets
Bangle Sentiment Bracelet Package 30 Pack (Bronze & Silver Mix)
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Package A - 60 14K Gold Filled Bracelets
Package B - 90 14K Gold Filled Bracelets
Package C - 120 14K Gold Filled Bracelets
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