Our Story


 "Never Lose Hope"


This is where it all began. 

In 2014, I took a missions trip that forever touched my heart. I was physically able to see and experience with my own eyes true poverty. I came home with a desire to make a difference. I knew I could not help all the orphans, but I knew God called me to just start with one. Help one, and then help another.
I came home with no business plan, no mission statement, not even a clue on how to make a bracelet.

BUT God…

He gave me a passion!
A passion to not only help the orphans in Haiti and to remind them to Never Lose Hope but also a way to empower, encourage, and uplift us all with the jewelry and tees that you love and wear.
Eight years later, we have sold over 100,000 bracelets that are individually hand strung by myself, my amazing friends and my precious dad who just past away in May 2022. We have also sold thousands upon thousands of faith inspired, uplifting, and fun tees to individuals and to hundreds of stores across the USA and Canada.
This year we partnered with our local Pregnancy Resource Center to make an impact and show love and give hope to every woman that walks into that building.
Thank you for supporting us.
Thank you for sharing the gospel and God’s love through our products,
and thank you for giving back hope. ♥️



Hope Legacy


Hope Legacy simply means you’re leaving something better than you found it.

At @neverlosehopedesigns, We strive to leave every person we meet better than we found them. We hope that through our jewelry, apparel and our words, we inspire every person to be more joyful, more at peace, feeling valued, recognized, respected and loved.

It’s only when we put ourselves aside and let God do what He has to do that something great happens.



Never Lose Hope Designs

  “don’t just wear it, live it”  


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